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Warsztaty: Carlos i Brigida Rodriguez w Warszawie

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Szykują się wspaniałe warsztaty w marcu w Warszawie!
Co by tu o nich napisać…. ich sukcesy mówią same za siebie:
– Bi Champions of Preliminary UK Londres Championship 2019 – Categoria: Tango de Pista and Tango Stage
– Finalist of Word Tango Championship 2019 – Categoria: Tango de Pista
– Champions of Argentinian Tango Baltic Open Cup in 2016 Categoria: Tango de Pista and Tango Vals

Program warsztatów
19.30-21.00 Technika w parach, Ruch liniowy oraz cyrkularny. Praca z centrum i przestrzenią.

12.00-13.30 Tango: Dynamika w tańcu, rytmiczne sekwencje, krzyżyki i zmiany ciężaru ciała;
13.45-15.15 Tango: Giro i contragiro, prowadzenie i połączenie w dynamice;
15.30-17.00 Milonga lisa y traspie. Frazy w muzyce, interpretacja fraz i ich połączeń;

12.00-13.30 Tango – bliskie objęcie. Jak stworzyć przestrzeń do tańczenia w bliskim objęciu
13.45-15.15 Vals. Rytmika oraz sekwencje podkreślające rytmikę Tango-Valsa

Koszt zajęć:
6 zajęć – 330 zł
3 zajęcia – 195 zł
1 zajęcia – 75 zł

Zapisy: El Palacio Del Tango lub [email protected]

O naszych Maestros:
Brigita Rodriguez is a professional actress, dancer, choreographer and Argentine
tango teacher in her own tango school “Tango Salon” and teaching in different
citys of Lithuania like Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Siauliai.
In 2004 Brigita finished her Master‘s degree studies at the Lithuanian Music
Academy, faculty of Theatre and Cinema, as a dancing actress and Master of
Choreographer. She has practiced various dance styles from folk dance, ballet to
contemporary dance. Currently she is working in the dance theatre as a
choreographer and dancer. She created some dance performances, two of them are

Argentinian tango performances. Brigita started dancing Argentine tango 20 years
ago and has been teaching it for 12 years now.
Brigita was many time in Buenos Aires and took private lesson with olds master
from Argentina. She danced tango show in different and prestigious Milongas
from Buenos Aires like Salon Canning , La Baldosa with her tango partner Carlos
Rodriguez, All these years have enabled her to accumulate knowledge about tango
in seminars and individual lessons with famous maestros like Miguel Angel Zotto
and Milena Plebs , El Flaco Dany, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne , Chicho
Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Daniel
Nacucchio and Critina Sosa, Analia Centurion and many other teachers.
Carlos Rodriguez Carlos danced non-stop for 26 years and has experience as a
traditional family that loves to dance tango. Him dances and teaches mostly tango
Salon and Fantasia style in as pure and authentic way and as you can get from the
old masters from Buenos Aires. But he also masters other styles of Argentine

Carlos was born in neighborhood Boedo of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is a
well known tango suburb, just around the corner of famous Milonga Club Grisel.
He has been influenced by tango from his early days – his grandparents since the
1945 dancing tango in the milongas of Buenos Aires, his uncle Robert played
bandoneon since childhood, and his mother which sang tango influenced him to
learn dance tango, becouse his family have long Tango traditions.
Carlos started his tango career while being 13 years old (1994), performing in a
tango show in theater Rancheria in Buenos Aires. After this, Carlos danced many
years, "milonguero style" in the milongas of Buenos Aires and Cordoba Capital.
Until one day, he decided to study squarely "Tango Salon style and Fantasy style.
Carlos thinks the tango is not just steps or combinations, but expression of the
culture, where he had lived since childhood.
The teachers who have influenced him most are: Jorge Dispari, Pepito Avellaneda,
Miguel Angel Zotto, Milena Plebs, Carlos Perez, Analia Centurion and other grand
old maestros of Buenos Aires. Carlos, although young and enthusiastic, can
express a whole rainbow of sensations and feelings in his dance – from restrained
deep pain and suffering to comprehensive giving love and joy. Carlos is a very
passionate and innovative teacher with a vivid imagination. He uses different
modern methods of psychology and role play in his classes and private lessons.
Carlos and Brigita, currently work throughout Lithuania with tango classes and
concerts, in addition them giving tango seminars in European countries. They are
also regular teachers of LMTA Lietuvos Musikos ir Akademia Theater in Vilnius.


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